Social Distancing Christmas Activities

Social Distancing Christmas Activities

Lucy McIntire

As Christmas continues to approach and COVID cases continue to rise, many people are doing their best to limit their interaction with others. However, Christmas is a time for family and friends, and many people still want to spend time together, safely. So, the following are ways to safely distance and spend time with others during this cold holiday season.

The safest way to spend time with others is virtually, so try doing a Zoom or FaceTime call with family or friends while decorating the tree, making a gingerbread house, or baking cookies.

Although it is cold outside, social distancing outside is probably the next best option if you are unwilling to be only virtual. You could have a snowball fight, bundled up with masks on, or build a snow cave. Consider lighting a fire on a warmer night and sit around it together. You could also explore skiing and sledding, but with more people around you, there is a higher chance of exposure to COVID. As long as you wear a mask and stay distanced, however, the risk should be low.

The riskiest way to spend time with others is to do so inside—but there are ways to limit the risk, especially with social distancing and wearing masks. Simply talking inside or helping decorate the tree are both fun ways to spend time together. You could watch a Christmas special on TV with family and friends. Baking cookies may be more risky to do if you are trying to stay safe, but each person could bake their own cookies and then decorate together. 

Despite the chaotic events of this year, there are still ways to safely spend time with loved ones this holiday season.