Winter Sports Complications

Winter Sports Complications

Eleana Murphy

We all know with COVID cases still on the rise, students are being affected in many ways. One thing that is going to upset students is the winter sports season being affected. Not only have multiple team events been rescheduled, but in fact two teams have already been quarantined. We are already almost halfway through December without students playing a real game. 

Both the Lakewood Girls and Boys basketball teams were quarantined a little over two weeks ago. The reason behind all this is because they believe COVID was brewing within the LHS gym between these two teams. So far, five students within both teams have tested positive for COVID-19. Students are allowed to resume after December 14th, 2020.

With all that going on in Lakewood, other teams throughout the conference have already started their seasons. Not only have they already started their seasons, but their rules are just a little different than Lakewood’s. For Lakewood sports events this season, each athlete receives two tickets to the event that they may distribute in whichever way they wish. Throughout the other teams in the conference, you can purchase tickets online and show them at the door. The limit is two tickets at a time, but this process is way easier to help friends and families try and see their loved ones play. 

From a student’s point of view, all we want is to be able to cheer our school and friends on when they are representing LHS. Many think boys basketball games are the most entertaining and exciting, so why can’t we attend if we are masked up and follow social distancing protocol?