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    The Trump Administration: A Retrospective.


    This January 20th marked a turning point in the US. For the past four years, the United States has been run by the Trump administration and now we’re left with a new and unpredictable future.

    Now retrospectively, the Trump administration was bad. Extremely bad. Most notably was his response to environmental protections and the Coronavirus, both of which he did not care for. Now credit where credit is due, President Trump did actually do some good things. His presidency caused a decline in the burning of coal and an increase in the speed of generic drug approval. In addition, he signed a bill that would designate 9-8-8 as the national suicide prevention hotline.

    Now here’s the thing, despite the few good things the Trump administration did, they were as good as a dumpster fire. It’s been clear from the start there was no intention of working for the American people. His response to the Coronavirus has led to the death of 429,000 as of January 28th and still counting, he left the Paris Climate Agreement which removed regulations from the US on how much we polluted, and he embraced the RAISE act which sought to limit immigration by almost 50%. And these are just some examples.

    It seemed for every good thing the Trump administration did, they put in double or more effort to do the complete opposite. Was there some good? Of course. It’s hard to sit in office for four years and not do anything good at all. However, it was clear from the get-go where his heart truly lied. Not in the interest of the American people, but in selfish acts that made himself richer. A few good deeds doesn’t make up for an era of garbage.

    Now where does that leave us? My honest prediction is that the Biden administration likely won’t get much done. Four years of bad decisions is going to take awhile to undo and I believe that most of Biden’s time will be spent on that and though the future is hard to predict, I believe that we’ll be better off in the next four years than we were left this time around.

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