Valentine’s Day Agenda

Valentines Day Agenda

Sylvie Ballou

Valentine’s Day has always been an excuse to spoil you or your loved ones with food, silk, and candy, but this year COVID has wiggled its way into disrupting the traditions of February 14th. Not everyone is a fan of this Sunday’s celebration of love, but those who are can still find their way into the gift-giving and date-night festivities.

Shop local, if possible, for gifts for loved ones this year; stores like Lion and Blue (incense, long skirts, candles, over-the-shoulder bags), the Exchange (movies, records, games), Daystar Boutique (tapestries, jewelry, clothes), and Flower Child (antique clothes and items), are all well-run local businesses. If you are on a budget you could get art supplies at Drug Mart or Target to create cute little Valentines, or baking materials at Giant Eagle or Lucky’s to bake delicious treats.

Brewella’s, Chipotle, and other carry-out restaurants are all quick in-and-out options for food this year on Saint Valentine’s day, but if a sit-down restaurant with well-maintained social distancing is the desired venue then Dewey’s, Vosh (with outdoor igloos that may be heard to book only a week in advance), Angelo’s, and Malley’s are all suitable locations for a night out with loved ones.

With determination and passion, we are perfectly capable of taking ahold of our unconfined triumph and celebrating a day in which we can appreciate the love we have for others and the love we receive from them in return, just as Saint Valentine did.