Pokemon Go Makes A Long-Awaited Come Back

Pokemon Go Makes A Long-Awaited Come Back

Madeline Cummings

Pokemon Go revenues have spiked with the COVID-19 pandemic causing a worldwide quarantine; faced with a nationwide lockdown, a failing education system, and restrictions from seeing all friends and family, people have resorted to all different forms of entertainment, including the game that gets you up and walking – Pokemon Go.

A common activity many citizens, old and young, resorted to during this time was walking. It was a safe and healthy way to keep active and occupy your long, open, empty days. Now walking is great and all, but why not spice it up with something that gives you a goal to accomplish?

By walking a certain amount of kilometers, you will receive the ability to hatch eggs, along with other special gifts and items. It is a great way to keep yourself amused while staying active.

Senior Mateo Bussert offers his opinion on the game that has saved us from boredom, saying “I have always been a fan of Pokemon Go, even before quarantine.  It gave me something to do during the endless days of lockdown.”

The poke-world offers an escape from the lonely reality we are living in, it gives you an opportunity to connect with your friends in a safe responsible way, and it has brought much-needed joy to generations who used to play the original version with poke-cards.