Rush Limbaugh’s Terrible Legacy


Mason Orlando

This week, radio giant Rush Limbaugh died after a lengthy battle with lung cancer. Rush Limbaugh is not as large of a figure as he once was and now he’s more of a mystery to the younger generations. In the 1980’s and 90’s, Limbaugh was known for being a large conservative voice that strongly supported Reaganism and hearty attacks on the Democrats. In 1988, he launched the Rush Limbaugh show. There, he grew his influence to millions over the bandwaves. 

In his later years and more recently, Rush Limbaugh has been associated with far right ideals as he supported attacks on immigrants, feminists, and supported conspiracy theories such as deep-state and that former President Barack Obama wasn’t born in the US. Most recently, he is associated with the Trump administration as he spoke out against the security of the 2020 election. During former President Trump’s time in office, Limbaugh downplayed the severity of COVID. He also received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from the former President for his sweeping influence and charity work. 

Rush Limbaugh left behind a complicated and controversial legacy; I would call it disastrous. Limbaugh went from his early days (post-Regan) of being a general patriot to losing his ever-loving mind. Not to speak incredibly ill of the dead, but Limbaugh had very few good deeds. He (among many others) have single-handedly given conservative America a bad name. By supporting outlandish conspiracy theories while attacking feminists, immigrants, minorities, and many others, far right conservatives like Limbaugh have left conservative America a joke. It’s very hard to give Rush Limbaugh any credit; he helped divide an already divided country and pushed outlandish conspiracy theories that hurt others. For that, Limbaugh will always be remembered as a large-mouthed conspiracy theorist that used far right politics to damage modern America.