Spring Break During a Pandemic


Ayden Wacker

With spring break coming up, there isn’t much that can be done while biding by the laws of COVID-19. But there are still some options that will make a great time.

One option for spring break is to go camping. Camping is outdoors which studies say gives one a lesser chance of catching COVID-19. Camping is also an activity where you and the person you are with are isolated from everyone else. You don’t have to come in contact with the people around you like you would during some other spring break activities.

Another option is to go on hikes with your close family and friends. Hikes are another activity where you are outside and isolated from everyone else. It is also a great leg workout, and, depending on the place you go, is a great opportunity to see beautiful trees and other aspects of nature.

When asked about his ideas for spring break, Elijah Moncrief, a senior at Lakewood High School, said, “Over spring break I plan on really focusing on fitness. I have already made so much progress which is why I see spring break as the perfect opportunity to make even more progress. I also plan on trying to possibly read a book because I can’t remember the last time I did.”

COVID-19 has made many peoples lives more difficult today; but that doesn’t mean that we should just sit around and be upset about it. We should go outside and make the best of the options that we have. You can still have fun during a pandemic if you really try.