How Do I Meet New Friends?



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Lana Collins, Opinion and Advice Reporter

Starting the new school year can be rough. Maybe you’re not happy with your schedule and it’s become nearly a requirement to meet new people. You can never have enough friends, but how do you meet new people? It’s easier than you think.

I was asked “do you have any advice for meeting new people?” Well, the answer is absolutely. Meeting new people can take stepping out of your comfort zone but it will be totally worth it in the end. People are less judgemental than you usually think; not everyone in a room is whispering about you. I know, hard to believe right? Sometimes it just takes a little bit of talking and introducing yourself.

An easy way of making new friends nowadays is through social media. Add/Follow/Friend people you find interesting. It’s an easy way to make a connection without confronting someone. Liking someone’s post, could lead to dm-ing and then could lead to chatting during the school day or outside of school. It barely takes any confrontation for my people who struggle with just walking up and talking to people.

Sometimes just walking up and talking to someone will do the trick. Obviously you need to be aware of who you’re talking to but make comments, add in on things and laugh at people’s jokes. It can often take making the first move but if you strive for more people to talk to, well you have to talk to people.

It’s the little things that people tend to look for in a person. Everyone cherishes a little compliment every once in awhile and that is the best way to make a first impression. Let people see you how you want them to, then let them get to know you. Making friends is easier than it appears; there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Don’t overthink it.