Lakewood Money Levy

Isaiah Jelinek, Economics Reporter

“Residents in the presidential primary election approved Lakewood City Schools’ Issue 28, with 76% of the voters casting ballots in favor. The new tax will cost the owner of a home valued at $100,000 an additional $144.75 a month.”

If Issue 28 had failed, some programs would have been cut. The new Issue 28 allows for the expansion of preschool and academic programming. This also allows the district to retain and recruit professional staff, also allows the monitoring of district facilities and finally it will allow for an improvement of student mental health services.

“Vote totals for the 3.9-mill levy and 1-mill permanent improvement levy were 7,041 for vs 2,144 against, according to final, unofficial results from the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections.” This shows that the majority of people who voted for these new levies were for rather than against it.

These two levies will allow the school, which had been near the point of cutting school programs, to not only allow for them to keep all of the school programs but also allow them to improve other facilities and staff. This allows the students to have a better learning environment and also allows for the staff to have a better teaching environment.

These new levies allow for expansion of certain areas, which will help keep the school safer such as the monitoring of the district facilities which will allow for it to be easier to spot hazards and to warn students in case of an emegency if something were to happen.