Capturing the Moment

Alexis Stringer , Arts and Culture Reporter

Capturing the moment— one of the ways where we can remember the most beautiful or most important moments of our lives and cameras help with this process. In today’s society, everyone carries around a camera, and that camera is in their phone. People can start to take this and capture their moment. 

It is important to have certain moments in your life documented so that you can remember them later in your life. Having these moments captured allows you to reminisce about the past so that you can remember the happy moments. However, there are not always happy moments captured; there are many moments, the sad, the funny, etc. Those moments may not be moments that you want to remember, however, those moments help shape the person you are today.  

If you want to document moments in the present, you want to make sure to take as many pictures as possible; take pictures of random moments, such as hanging out with your friends, eating food, going on a car ride, etc. Capturing the moment will allow you to relive what you’ve gone through by looking at the photo. So if you are having fun, make sure to capture that moment. It’s okay if you don’t because you can always capture the moment by living through it. But if you capture the moment then it would be more meaningful in the future and you will be captivated by the feelings that you’ve felt or gone through.