Improvement of Detroit-Sloane Intersection

Isaiah Jelinek, Economics Reporter

“LAKEWOOD, OH — The Detroit-Sloane intersection will be upgraded in 2021, the city of Lakewood announced.

As part of a $2.3 million project, crews will improve water and sewer infrastructure beneath the intersection, upgrade the connection to the Rocky River Reservation trail and implement public art around the streets.”

This improvement of the Detroit-Sloane intersection was decided to take place in early 2021, during spring time. This project would allow for the growth of the city’s economy according to city officials. This project will also allow for flooding to not happen as often on buildings at the Detroit-Sloane intersection which will allow for an improvement in business and allow for the businesses to be cleaner.

Also houses that are near the Detroit-Sloane intersection will also have an easier time dealing with floods because sometimes water can flow down an entire street making it hard for this project not to affect those around the intersection. Of course these are the positive things but there are negatives too.

Well one of these negatives things about this project is that it will be going on during spring which is a nice time of the year that people will want to go outside and have fun. Now this affects some people because they might have friends in Rocky River that they wanted to visit and hang out with. Of course this isn’t so bad to stop the project itself its just something that some people are going to hate not because of it being inconvenient or it taking too much time but more because of their opinion on not being able to go to a place that they usual go to by taking this intersection.