Making T-Shirts for the Art Department

Alexis Stringer, Arts and Culture Reporter

Last week, Mrs. Hansens’s Art 4 and AP art class were tasked to make a shirt for the art department. Each senior made their own t-shirt design that will be voted on by the other art students. They were given the opportunity to do whatever they want and thought was best for the design. 

They were given examples by the teacher for what could have been done for the t-shirt but ultimately it was up to the student what they thought was best for the shirt. They were given a basic shape of a t-shirt to make the design, and they had creative freedom. This week, the students’ shirts will be put up in the art atrium and students will have the opportunity to scan a QR code and vote for their favorite design on a Google Form. Voting will run from Thursday, Sept. 30 through Friday, Oct. 1. The wiining design will receive a free shirt and the honor of seeing their classmates wear their design.

This design will only be used this year and it will include the art department logo, which was designed by Senior AP Art student, Inga Wilhelmy. It will be made digitally by Seniors in Art 4 and Media Art and Design, Sophia and Alexis Stringer.