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Featured Athlete

Featured Athlete- Mac McFarlin

Mac plays Hockey here at Lakewood High School and has played all three years he has been here. Mac leads his team in goals this season and has a love for this sport. I was able to interview this junior athlete and these are the questions I asked with the answers he provided.

Q: How long have you been playing Hockey?                                                                                                      A: “I’ve been playing hockey for 12 years”

Q: Does your number have a specific/special meaning?                                                                           A: ” My number one day, will define who i was as a player in high school”

Q: Would you play in college?                                                                                                                    A: “I’d love to play in college if I got the opportunity”

Q:Who is your favorite hockey player?                                                                                               A:”Favorite player is a tie between Ovechkin and Kane”

Q:What is your favorite hockey memory?                                                                                                    A:”My favorite memory is my first high school hat trick. That was the greatest day of my life.”

Q:What advice would you give to any up coming athletes?                                                                     A:”My advice would be listen to your teammates and play your hardest in every game.”