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Best Point Guard in the League.

The NBA has a lot of things that are arguable and up for discussion. Who is the best team in the east and west is really not one of them. But, when you ask who is the best overall at a certain position, then things get interesting. The one position that has really blossomed and changed over the years in the point guard. It used to be a point guard was supposed to always think pass first, shoot if your open or have to. Nowadays the game has changed so much in the sense that point guards, more often than not, are the leading scorers on the team.

But with this the questions begs to be asked, who is the best all around point guard in the NBA? There’s more people up for discussion than you think. Russell Westbrook on the Oklahoma City Thunder made history this year by averaging a triple double, something that nobody even thought was possible. Does that make him the best? Kyrie Irving from the Cavaliers has been called the most clutch player in the league. Does that make Irving the best? Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry in recent years has made history himself with his amazing 3-point shot and scoring abilities. Now does that make Curry the best? The real answer is that there is no real answer. There is no conclusive evidence that any of these amazing players are the best at their position.

There is no stat on any chart that is labeled ‘Best Point Guard’ because it’s just too debatable. There is so many different skills that need to be taken into account before you can call someone the best. Especially as a point guard, a position that you must need multiple talents to even be relevant in the NBA. Passing, shooting, handles, and driving. All of these need to be looked at before calling someone the best at their position. But it’s just way to difficult because each player as such strong suits that make them stand out to the others.