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The Circle

This movie is about a girl, names Mae Holland. She is in college and she is the only girl in the family. Mae’s dad is really sick and she will do anything to save him and see him happy. Mercer is her childhood friend and Annie was her close friend from college. Mae’s dad got really sick and she needed more money and wanted to find a cure about her dad’s sickness.

Her friend, Annie offered her to apply at the most powerful corporation company, The Circle which links people’s social medias, emails, banking and other personal things. Mae gets the job and she was really happy about it, but her childhood friend was not that happy because he thought Mae was changing.

Tom was the head of the Circle and he was saying how he can cure every disease and can do anything with technology. He invented a camera and put it all around the world to watch people and everything they do. Mae got really interested when he talked about curing every disease, so she started working really hard to help her dad. She meets with an old man, names Hanks, who helps her a lot.

Mae joins an experiment that pushes boundaries of privacy , and every other personal freedom. She put her life, family and friends in danger. When she is performing in front of thousands of people, she is showing them how she can find any person around the world and see him what he is doing now. Mae haven’t seen her childhood friend for so long so people are telling her to find him. In the beginning she does not want but the audience kept saying to do it, so she does. Something tragic happens in the end. If you want to see what happens in the end you should watch this movie.