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Person of the Week

Sophie DeBaltzo

This week’s person of the week is senior Sophie DeBaltzo! Sophie is heavily involved in everything Lakewood has to offer and has probably tried every organization you can imagine in her four years here.

Sophie has played on the soccer team all four years, but says she has been playing soccer since she was four years old. But this isn’t Sophie’s only specialty, she also tried swimming, and then┬ádiving, but took a break from the swim/dive team for her senior year. Every spring Sophie has also been in the Barnstormers┬ámusical productions including Cinderella, Putnam County’s 25th Annual Spelling Bee, Into the Woods, and Little Women. Outside of seasonal activities Sophie also is very involved in student council as the senior class Vice President where she was a great asset to prom planning. Following in her brother’s footsteps, Sophie was in choir all four years. First concert choir, then landing a spot in Symphonic Mixed Choir, Fourtes, and Chamber Choir for sophomore, junior, and senior year. She says she plans to continue to share her beautiful voice next year in a college choir!

Next year Sophie will attend Brigham Young University in Utah with a major in Graphic Design. BYU is a primarily Mormon school so Sophie says it brings in a lot of fellow Mormons from everywhere you can imagine. I asked Sophie what she is most excited about BYU and she said “I’m excited to join intramural sports and meet so many new friends from all over the world.” We wish Sophie the best of luck for the next four years!