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Iceland is home to stunning, cascading waterfalls,  lush green pastures, glaciers and breathtaking mountains. If the conditions are correct, the northern lights can be viewed from certain parts of Iceland. Iceland is home to the blue lagoon, a geothermal spa with an outdoor lagoon. Iceland boasts numerous museums that trace the Viking history of the country. The country has a stunning landscapes that draws in thousands of tourists every year. Visitors can go hiking, visit concerts at concert centers such as the Harpa, see volcanoes, towering glaciers, and incredible waterfalls.

Cleveland is now offering direct flights to Iceland, so it makes it easier to travel to Iceland if you are in the upper Midwest.  Passengers can choose to fly to Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik or Akureyri.  The flights can take from anywhere around 11 hours to 20 hours in total, including layovers and transfers.  Passengers are able to book a flight, check into Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, check into security, and go on their merry way to the beautiful country of Iceland.

Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland boasts many attractions. Visitors can go whale-watching, or they can view the aurora borealis if conditions are correct. They can also view geysers, visit churches and participate in an exuberant nightlife. In Akureyri, visitors can visit art galleries, go skiing, go whale watching or view the aurora borealis. In Egilsstaðir, visitors can ride horses, go on stunning hikes to cascading waterfalls, go camping and go shopping. In Ísafjörður, visitors can go kayaking, go hiking, view the aurora borealis, go whale watching, or go skiing. Iceland has many options for many different kinds of people, and it is now even more accessible for people to access now than ever.