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If you love a good cup of joe but aren’t into the arts and hippies scene, Goodkind Coffee might be the perfect cafe for you.

Goodkind is located on the West end of Madison, a block or so down from Barrio (anything that close to Barrio has GOT to be good). The interior is minimalist and bright, with the smell of freshly brewed coffee and hard work. The owners openly value family and have framed photos up all around. The drip coffee is just as good as the vibe! Seriously, this is the Root’s opposite counterpart. Now Lakewood has a coffee shop for both moods: creative and constructive.

Goodkind is open Sun-Thurs 7am-7pm and Fri-Sat 7am-8pm, go check it out! Their Instagram handle is @goodkindcoffee if you need some more convincing.