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Featured Athlete

Featured Athlete: Christina Auck

Christina Auck is a sophomore at Lakewood High School who participates in one sport during each season–football during the fall, basketball during the winter, and track & field during the spring. Christina has been playing flag football for five years and tackle football for five years as well, playing in every position besides quarterback and center. She has been playing basketball for eight years and has been involved with the track program for the past five years. After each sports season ends, Christina always looks forward to beginning practice for her next sport.

Christina has been hard at work in order to prepare for the upcoming track season, spending her time lifting and perfecting her technique. Her events include shot put, discus, and the 100m hurdles. Although Christina enjoys participating in all of her events, the shot put and discus are her favorites. During her last season, Christina threw over 26ft in the shot put, over 85ft in the discus, and ran the 100m hurdles in 19 seconds. Her season goals are to improve upon her distances in throwing and to decrease her time in the 100m hurdles. She is most looking forward to bonding with the other shot put and discus throwers over the season.

The very first track meet of the season is on Wednesday, April 11 against the Olmsted Falls Bulldogs at Olmsted Falls High School. Although there is no home advantage, Christina is sure that she and the other girls are going to prevail and score more points than the Olmsted Falls Bulldogs. Keep an eye out for this featured athlete on the track this season!