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Person of the Week, Person of the Week

Meara Mahoney

This week’s person of the week is Meara Mahoney. Meara is a senior at Lakewood High School who enjoys dancing and music. Meara has been a part of the Lakewood Ranger Marching Band for the past four years and was Section Leader of the flutes this past year. She has also been involved with the Barnstormers Drama Club for the past three years, both in acting roles and as part of crew.¬†Recently, Meara has been involved in the ballet production of Peter Pan¬†with North Pointe Ballet where she will be playing one of the Lost Boys.

Outside of schools hours, Meara enjoys spending time with her two dogs, Sam and Ralph, and listening to music. She can also be found volunteering with Youth Challenge, working at the Rush Inn Bar & Grille, working at Foster Pool during the summer, or dancing with her dance studio, The Studio of Dance. She is looking forward to her Senior Solo at her next recital in June. Meara has been dancing since she was just three years old! She hopes to continue dancing in her free time while away at college.

After graduating this year, Meara will be attending Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana for her first four years. She plans to go into college as an undecided business major and also plans on joining some sort of band to continue her flute playing. Meara is very excited to see what the future holds for her and is more than ready to start making new memories in college!