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Cavs Sweep?

The Cavs have been going through a lot this season. No one really knows what the Cavs have in store. They’ve had their up and downs all season. Everyones wondering what to expect from this team. It’s almost as if you can’t make a prediction because sometimes they’re really good and sometimes they don’t play great at all. All the Cavs fans are their toes waiting to see whats gonna happen.

The Cavs just finished the first round of the play-offs and came on top of the Indiana Pacers. They had to go to a game 7 in the first round of the play-offs! That doesn’t sound like the Cavs we know, and it definitely doesn’t sound like the LeBron we know. Usually Lebrons team can fly right pass the first round bu the Pacers gave us a big challenge. LeBron is playing the best basketball he’s ever played. Even though he had to go up against the annoying Lance Stephenson that always gives LeBron a run for his money, we still came out victorious at the end of the day.

Now the Cavs are playing Toronto Raptors. The Raptors are the number one seed in the East. If the Cavs barely got pass the Pacers, then how do they expect to beat this team? That was the question we were all asking ourselves before game 1. The first game they played, the Cavs barely one. It was a game over 100 points and it went into overtime. The Cavs played last night for game two. We easily blew out the Raptors. Kevin Love played amazing with 31 points and LeBron with 43 points. In the fourth quarter LeBron went off and couldn’t miss a shot. If we keep this up, we might just sweep the Toronto Raptors