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Senior Spotlight

Elizabeth Scott

After the first three years of high school you get to endure your final year, senior year. As everyone states that this is going to be your best year yet it also comes with great stresses. Many of these include college applications, college essays, perfecting your GPA, taking your final SAT/ ACT to perfect your scores and getting senioritis (which I can personally tell you, it is most definitely a thing).

My senior year was very stressful but I will be able to look back on it and remember it as the most challenging and the best year I have had out of all four years. I took a few CCP classes through Cuyahoga Community College and also took around 4 to 5 classes at the high school. I am glad I was able to take advantage of the CCP program this year and earn college credit while in high school.

As for college I am going to Cuyahoga Community College and getting my associates degree because I am unsure of my major then I will go off onto a four-year college, preferably Baldwin Wallace or Cleveland State. I have decided to go to Tri C and complete my prerequisites to save as much money as possible while choosing my major.

I am very excited to move onto a new chapter in my life because I will be one step closer in figuring out my future. I am excited to meet new people and make new memories. I will miss the teachers who have taught me useful skills and life lessons and have guided me towards the right path for many years now. I know I will always keep the memories and friends made at LHS close to my heart.