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Senior Spotlight

Erin Mullen

I honestly never thought this moment would come. High school is ending but my life is just beginning. It’s a surreal feeling. Watching year after year, the seniors leave and the next class follow up the chain and here I am getting ready to leave. It won’t feel real until the fall, when I spend the first night in my dorm.

High school has been an experience. Football games, homecomings, and pep rally’s hold some of the best memories. Playing volleyball freshman year to being on the boys golf team. Being on homecoming court and being able to ride on the float was so much fun and something I will never forget. Finally being able to go to prom and get all dressed up with my friends for one last night was something I will cherish forever.

My advice for the upcoming seniors is to make every second of senior year count. I took it for granted a little bit and with a blink of an eye it will be over faster than you think. To the incoming freshman do not let your grades slip it really is the most important year. Incoming juniors do not fall behind. This year will be difficult but push through. Sophomores, it may seem like you have a lot of high school left but it will go fast. High school is just one big flash so enjoy it while you still can.

In the fall I will be attending Kent State University. I do not have a major at the moment so I am currently in the exploratory college. I am very excited to be in a different environment and meet new people I can learn and grow from. I will never forget the memories I have made throughout my years at Lakewood but I am excited for the many more to come. Thank you LHS. Go Flashes!