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Senior Spotlight

Audra Tuleta

Four years has come and gone and it’s beyond crazy.  Lakewood High School has taught me so much, and it has also given me a lifetime of memories I’ll never forget.

Lakewood High is full of energy, laughter, and entertainment. Being a part of this school I don’t think a day went by I wasn’t laughing at something. One of my favorite memories is playing soccer and softball and always being able to laugh with my teammates. Another one of my favorite memories is meeting my best friend.

Lakewood High is full of fu but it is also full of lessons. My advice to anyone attending now or in the future is listen to your peers and teachers they know a lot. I would also say to go to as many school events as possible. Football games,basketball games,hockey games, dances, clubs, plays, concerts that is where you see so many talents. Do the best you can at all times.

Being a senior the big question is where are you going next year. I am not going far but I will be attending Cuyahoga Community College to study criminal justice. I will also be attending to further my athletic career and playing softball.

Juniors be excited for senior year it is a lot of fun but it is a lot of work. Sophomores take junior year seriously because  it is totally different amount of work from now. Freshman keeping do your work and understand high school is fun. Incoming freshman it is scary at first and yes the building is huge but once you are used to it you’ll be fine I promise.

Thank you Lakewood High for everything you have taught me.