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Senior Spotlight

Caitlin Gang

As my final days are coming to a close. I’ve realized all that these past four years have taught me and given me. I’ve learned so many things throughout my years here at Lakewood High. I took classes I thought I wouldn’t like but ended up being interested in them. Such as a living well elective I took freshmen year where they taught me how to sew and I made my own pillow case from learning how to cook foods from different cultures. Some more of my favorite electives have been Cinema, Horticulture, Pop Culture, and Diversity in Lit.

I started off high school playing on the Lakewood volleyball team and loving it so much all my friends from middle school made the team and we had a fun but crazy first year of volleyball from switching coaches half way through the season to making friends that I still have to this day.

My sophomore half of my friend group quit the team for a number of different reasons it had a lot of ups and downs from certain teammates not getting along with each other prevented us from winning a lot of games plus a new coach who didn’t motivate us well at all.

Junior year I decided I wanted to play again even though all my friends don’t play anymore and there would only be one other senior and I. So, I tried it out we had new coaches again I was thinking this season would be great! There was a lot of underclassmen teammates on my team and it just wasn’t the same as when my friends used to play. I didn’t continue on my senior year.

I have been in art class since my freshmen year and I started in art one  and I moved my way up the ladder to Art 4 which is the class I am in right now. I have a love for art and expressing what I feel. I love creating  pieces of art for my family and friends. I have also done ceramics one and ceramics two. I have created some great pottery in those classes that I am very proud of! I suggest to all students at LHS take some form of art here.

I have a great ride here at Lakewood High. Always have fun and don’t stress too much and you will too!