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Senior Spotlight

Jason Morgenstern

During my time here at Lakewood High School I have been a part of a number of things that made my high school career one to remember.

Through the soccer team, I have the pleasure of being able to say I have been apart of a one of the best four-year stretches of our program. I am a two-time district finalist, two-time RiverWood Cup winner, and a winner of the Community Cup in 2017.  I was a member of two 10-win varsity teams, and had the pleasure of being one of the captains my senior year.  Winning the Community Cup as a senior, at St. Edwards, was definitely the highlight of my soccer career, and I will never forget the happiness that we all felt for the following week.

As a member of Student Council, I was the Vice-President my sophomore and junior years of my class, and the Student-Body Vice-President my senior year. Being involved in student council has allowed me to be apart of events in the school, and to build relationships with people I previously only knew on a teacher to student basis.

As some advice for underclassmen, it would definitely be to get involved. We have a plethora of opportunities here at LHS, with sports and clubs. Being involved gives you the chance to meet people and to be involved in something. Through being apart of the soccer team, I have made some life-long friends that I am very grateful to have met, that without being on the team, I most likely would have never had the chance to become friends with.

Next year I will be starting college as a business major at The Ohio State University. I am excited to start this new journey in my life, and being at Lakewood High School has prepared me to take the adventure of Ohio State with an open mind.

Good luck to all the underclassmen in the remainder of your high school career! It really flies by, so stop around and take a look, or you’ll miss it.