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Tasty Treats in the Fall

With the weather changing and summer slipping away from us we need to take advantage of every opportunity to get some sweet savory ice cream at Lakewood’s best ice cream shops.

Lakewood is home to many ice cream shops with some that have been here for decades upon decades.  Shops like Malley’s have been opened in Lakewood since the 1930’s.  They were originally a candy store but not long after opening started to serve wonderful ice cream.

While Malley’s history goes back what feels like forever they are not the only unique shop in Lakewood.  The Addicted Coffee and Ice Cream Shop is a place that you would truly never forget.  They put a new meaning to ice cream and milkshakes with actual towers of sweet treats.  You not only get a milkshake but you get an unforgettable creation with your favorite candy, ice cream and snacks.


Image result for addicted lakewood coffee ice cream

Next on the list is Ice Cream Joy Cafe.  They are a small shop but don’t let that fool you.  They have many flavors that they change frequently to always give you the option of sticking with the classics like chocolate and vanilla or trying  their vegan cherry chocolate chip delicious concoction.  While Speaking with their employees Long Do he said “overall we have over 100 flavors that and are consistently coming up with new ones to always give our customers a new surprise”


Lastly on our list is a place that not only tries new thing but is always recognized as being a great place to get some ice cream on a hot day.  This is The Sweet Spot except they serve gelato not ice cream. But Just like other ice cream shops in Lakewood they are always coming up with new flavors and combinations but the thing is they  so you never get bored.  But not only do they come up with flavors they are recognized by the Friday Magazine as one of the top 50 best places to get food or drinks in Cleveland (and Cleveland area)
Summer is running out, go out and get some ice cream (or gelato) at Lakewood’s best ice cream shops before summer melts away.