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    Freshmen Receive Chromebooks


           All freshmen are going to be given a Chromebook this year. Carrying on from middle school, students will be receiving Chromebooks to continue through their high school years. This is something that will help teachers and students both, at being more efficient while doing work. The program will allow students and teachers to interactively connect with students digitally, while allowing students to access all their classes. It’s been implemented into the middle schools to start out fresh and try something new, and now it will be continued into the high schools for incoming freshmen.

         After 3 years, students with free or reduced lunch will be able to purchase their Chromebooks for $1. Other students may be able to purchase them as well, depending on their circumstances. Students the next year will be given another Chromebook, and have that for the next 3 years as well. The same option of purchasing will hopefully still be available when the time comes to obtain a new one, relying on if the program continues.

       Students have mixed feelings about Chromebooks and while some think they work well and are great, others think that may not be the case. Freshman student named Selma Kudic says, “Chromebooks are okay, but I just don’t prefer them. Carrying them is tough because I have enough to carry already. It gets frustrating and everything is just very heavy.” Chromebooks are getting mixed thoughts, and while some say the new technology update is great, others think we should stick to the old – fashioned pen and paper.

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