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    “Flaws” by Max McMillen


    She was beautiful; she was amazing; she was one of a kind. Why could she not believe it? How was it so hard for her to see?

    She strived for perfection, in writing and learning, and she needed perfection to get through the day. She would look in the mirror and all she saw was flaws and her broken heart. But everyone has flaws, flaws that are not even flaws. These things we see as “flaws” are just our unique features. They define us and make us special.

    Her “flaws” went on in lists, lists saying her teeth are too big, that her upper lip disappears when she smiles, that her chest is not flat enough, that she is too tall for average clothes, that she talks too much. This is her honest self. Her true self. Her beautiful, amazing, one-of-a-kind self. These things about her are not bad. They are unique. She is unique. Once she accepts each and every one of her “flaws”, she will be the most gorgeous in the land.

    Her “flaws” warm her friends’ hearts. Her “flaws” let her friends connect with her and see how happy she is. Her “flaws” are just another piece of her being. No “flaw” is ugly. No “flaw” should be removed. All “flaws” are beautiful and deserve to be seen that way. She is beautiful, and she deserves to see it. Her “flaw” is not a flaw; it is just a feature.


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