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    Character Sketches by Nathan Hokin

    Character 1: Kyle

    Kyle is a young man in his early twenties. His background is a traumatic one that can bring a tear to even the driest eyes. His mother was ripped away from him at the age of 11. An unknown man stopped her car on the highway and murdered her in seemingly cold blood.

    The trauma of this event has never left Kyle. He is a man bent on revenge and will stop at nothing to avenge his mother’s tragic death. He speaks his mind, no matter what he may be thinking. It is best not to get in Kyle’s way. Once he has set out to do something, he will achieve it.

    Kyle’s choice of clothes are plain and simple. He doesn’t want to stand out in a crowd and certainly doesn’t want people to see him coming. He wears slim fitting khaki pants with red high top sneakers that lace all the way up. He wears a blue casual button down shirt, untucked, covering his semi-muscular upper body. He doesn’t sport any jewelry other than his mother’s wedding ring which he wears as a necklace, using old string.

    His face is cold and he rarely shows any emotion other than impatience and anger. His hair is a dark brown color, not quite black, but close to it. His eyes are easily the most intriguing part of his face. They seem large and welcoming yet worn out and tired at the same time. They appear as though they have witnessed a great many horrible things. His teeth are very white and shine bright when he opens his mouth or when he rarely cracks a smile. Other than his intriguing eyes his face is not much to look at. He’s not unattractive, but not particularly stunning to look at either.

    Kyle has a high school education under his belt but no other formal education on top of that. He choose not to go to college as he saw it as a waste of his precious time. He is very skilled with knives, balisongs in particular, and never leaves the house without at least one concealed on his person. He is not trained in any type of martial arts, however he is still a very strong fighter. Say the wrong thing to him and you just might be waking up in the ICU.

    Kyle is a man with a goal and one thing on his mind, revenge. He will stop at nothing to bring down the man that wronged his family and took away his mother. He will risk it all.
    Character 2: Mr. Artel

    Mr. Artel is a man that has multiple sides. Only a few people have ever met both sides of Mr. Artel. Most people do not even know his first name. He owns a multi-million dollar accounting company and lives a lavish lifestyle. However, behind the curtains he runs a criminal operation using his accounting business as a front to launder his criminal earnings through a clean income company. No one knows of the criminal side of this man except for a very people, his close business partners, and Kyle. Artel is also the man who murdered Kyle’s mother.  

    Mr. Artel dresses to the nines every time he leaves the house. His typical outfit consists of a pitch black suit with a fitted light gray dress shirt underneath. He wears a gray pocket square that matches the color of his shirt in the front pocket of his suit. His hair is shorter and gelled back giving him a slick appearance. His face is warm and welcoming and he almost always wears a smile, however, His teeth are slightly yellow and aren’t really the best looking. His dress pants are a slimmer fit and directly match the color of his suit jacket. His belt is made of a black leather and the buckle is made of pure silver and shines bright whenever it catches the light. He usually wears black dress shoes to top off his outfit. He dresses as the epitome of the successful business man.

    In the eye of the public, Mr. Artel is a classy and generous businessman that brings lots of profit to New York City. His many sponsors portray him as a saint. However, the side of Mr. Artel that the public does not see is the true side of this man. He is a dirty criminal that seems to throw all morals out the window when it comes to making a profit. He will do anything and everything to achieve his goals. In the criminal world he is a huge name and one that is typically feared. Mr. Artel is truly an evil and psychotic man. He is living a double life that he believes he has kept secret. However, one person in the real world knows this secret, and plans to seek revenge.


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