Barrio- Local Lakewood Restaurant

Barrio- Local Lakewood Restaurant

Anna Kotansky

Located on the Madison Ave., Barrio is local Mexican restaurant, known for their tequila, whiskey, and tacos. Barrio is open from 4 p.m. till 2 a.m. Hours vary on weekends and holidays.

When you walk into Barrio, you are greeted by the friendly staff. The walls of the restaurants are decorated with different Mexican art along with string lights and TVs, usually broadcasting the popular sport game of the night. It has a very trendy look to it, attracting a younger clientele.

Once seated, you are instructed to fill out the scantron-like menu. On this menu, you can choose the quantity of tacos and what you would like on them. Meat, cheeses, and other toppings are also included on this menu.

Barrio is a family-friendly restaurant but their main clientele are millenniums. This clientele base makes the restaurant very busy on weekend nights. Barrio is the place to go if you enjoy tacos and a fun atmosphere!