Valentine’s Day is Approaching Soon

Valentines Day is Approaching Soon

Sara Crawford

As February begins, couples all around begin to think about the most pressured holiday of them all — Valentine’s Day. Christmas is full of stress with getting all your loved ones a gift that they will enjoy. Thanksgiving is stuffed with pressure to successfully put on the perfect dinner. But Valentine’s Day has a different kind of pressure — a pressure to truly show your affection for that special someone. These pressures often fill our minds with elaborate ideas for gifts and/or dates — ideas we may not be able to fully fulfill.

Just because we cannot have our dream days filled with perfect plans does not mean that our days can’t be special. Some ideas could be a homemade dinner, going bowling, ice skating downtown, going to the movies, or even just a day at home, tailored to what you two both enjoy.

Although Valentine’s Day may be categorized as one of the most stressful holidays, it is best to remember what is important, what your partner would enjoy and love. Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be the only day throughout the year where you really put things into thought, but it never hurts to really spend your Valentine’s Day with the person you love.