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    Trump’s Ban on Immigration


    If you aren’t one for paying attention to news, then perhaps this will hook you in. Immigrants that have fled here to due to the war in Syria have been looking forward to arriving in the United States. Former President Barack Obama had let in thousands of immigrants, and stuck with the immigration laws that the United States had. Currently, President Donald Trump has chosen to remove these laws just this past weekend. Immigrants can no longer come to the country if they illegally cross the border. There’s a ban on certain countries outside the United States that will not allow refugees to come here. Those countries happen to be countries mainly filled with Muslim refugees. According to, he calls them, “criminal aliens,” and he says they should not be allowed to roam the streets. This ban particularly affects people of the Muslim faith in all of those countries.

    Along with these changes, there have been numerous outrages among the people of the nation, and protests have broken out in countless places around the country. People have shown their support last weekend, protesting for the rights of the immigrants. Others, unfortunately, actually agree with his new policy.

    Personally, this ban does not prove Trump as a worthy president in my eyes. It is inhumane, and just flat out wrong. This country is known as “the land of the free,” and how can we call it that if our president is forcing people to leave? President Donald Trump is not helping this country in the way that he should be. It should NOT be his first priority to kick out these people. In his first 100 days of his presidency, he should be worrying about other things that will actually help people. In the path that he’s chosen so far, I have not agreed with one thing he has said.

    On a brighter note, I think that Trump still has a chance to change his ways and improve himself. After all, he only just finished his first month as president. Perhaps, we can try and foresee see a positive outcome, and think of things on the brighter side with our new president in charge.

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