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    “The Door” by Yanhao Lin

    It was a strange and stormy night. I looked out the window, saw a man walked into the air, disappeared. A few moments later, he walked out with a small wool bag in hand. Is that gold? Then a little girl ran to the same spot where the man disappeared and appeared. A few moments later, she came back with a wool bag.

    What is that place? Then the lightning strikes the spot creating a loud thunder. In the middle of the air, it opened a magic door. Someone with a hood walked out from the door and closed it. Suddenly, the whole city turned into a Colosseum.

    The sky was clear, the thunder went away. People were loud, chanting names, and yelling nonsenses. There was a small place, but a lot of people. Some walked in with a wool bag and came out without it. Some walked in with nothing and came out with a wool bag. It is a gambling place.

    People are betting on a team, an animal, or a gladiator. There was a sign stated that next show would be black bull versus red tiger. Most of the people were betting on the tiger. A blind man with a sword hanging on his waist was betting on the black bull. Then he walked into the Colosseum and seated in a pot quietly.

    When the show started, the tiger and the black bull were in the middle of the Colosseum. The rule is whoever falls out the circle (outside the circle is surrounded by ocean water and full of sharks) or cannot stand on his feet loses. The tiger attacked the black bull fiercely. The black bull was pushed to the edge of the circle. Then the tiger jumped very high to make its final attack. The black bull moved to the side and pushed the tiger that was in the mid-air out of the circle with his big horns. The whole Colosseum was fulfilled with screams and excitements.

    The blind man walked back into the gambling place. He got a huge wool bag from the counter. He walked back into the Colosseum; a golden coin was dropped from his wool bag. After the man left, the gambling place changed sign, it reads “Blind Sword vs. Fire Fists.” Could that man be the blind sword?

    When the bell in the Colosseum rung, the second fight started. It was the blind old man with the sword and a young man in his teenage year. The young man was wearing an orange hat. The old man drew the sword. The sword was on a magical dark fire. The young man jumped into the sky and let out a huge among of fire around his wrists. The old man moved in a super fast speed that he disappeared in the middle of the circle. The young man noticed that he moved to his back side and let out a punch of fire. The old man blocked the fire with his magical sword. then he jumped into the sky and swing at the middle of the Colosseum. The circle was cut in half. The audience were excited and loud. The old man landed on one half of the circle. The young man ran towards him and punched him with his fire wrists. The old man grabbed the fire, and the fire disappeared. The “Fire Fists” was surprised by the “Blind Sword.” Then the old man turn the sword to its back side (the side that is not sharp), and struck at the young man. The young man fell outside of the circle. The audience was silent for a moment, then a very loud cheer.

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