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    Toilet Paper Crooks and China’s Interesting Response

    Man standing at a toilet paper dispenser
    Man standing at a toilet paper dispenser

    There are a lot of strange and scary things happening today throughout the world. Among them are the crooks of China: the toilet paper crooks. Tourists run through every vein at the Temple of Heaven Park.

    Coming and going with curiosity, style, and oversized bags–bags in which bunches of crumpled up pieces of toilet paper are hiding. Many believe that high poverty rates in China have led some people to steal just about anything–in this case toilet paper–to sell and profit off of.

    Chinese officials are baffled that people are walking in and stealing such large amounts of toilet paper. They have lost their patience with these bathroom shenanigans and have come up with a clever solution. In each bathroom at the Temple of Heaven Park, the Chinese police have installed high-tech, electric toilet paper dispensers.

    I know what you are thinking…you push a button or wave your hand and this machine will dispense a set amount of toilet paper to you for your use, similar to the United States’ popular automatic paper towel dispensers. However, these are not your everyday paper towell/toilet paper dispensers.

    These machines truly take on the term “high-tech” in the most serious of ways. Each visitor wishing to use the bathroom must stand in front of one of these machines for three seconds while it uses facial recognition technology to scan you. Only after this can you be dispensed a sheet of toilet paper roughly two feet in length.

    The trick to the system is that the same person is not able to return for more toilet paper until nine minutes have passed, thus, the point of the facial recognition technology. If you try to get more toilet paper, the machines will recognize you, but nothing will happen to you except that you will not be granted anymore toilet paper until your nine minutes are up.

    So if you accidentally drop yours in the toilet or just need more, sorry, but you are out of luck!

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