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    Drugs Can Kill


    Drug Abuse is a topic most people avoid. Unfortunately, many  people often mistake the signs of drug abuse as normal behavior. They do not realize that their loved one is into drugs until it is too late. It is important that you realize anyone is in danger of falling into drugs. The person who says “not my loved one”  is the same person who misses all the signs.

    Your loved may already be experimenting with drugs, but you think to highly of them to get help. Drug abuse not only affects your loved ones, but it also affects every one around them. Recently in Portsmouth, Ohio, police responded to a report of a Ohio toddler apparently passing out on the sidewalk. The toddler passed out from a drug overdose in the middle of the night.

    Her parents are now being charged with child endangerment. Police found the toddler’s mother (26-years-old) unresponsive due to a heroin overdose inside their apartment nearby. ​When your not looking anther person is taking a step closer to death. Drug abuse can be linked to all kinds of probes that most are too ignorant to pay any attention too.

    Drug Abuse is most commonly linked to people who suffer from depression. We all have known or know someone who has suffered from depression. Drug Abuse is also very common in those who show signs of being suicidal. You may not know what exactly someone else is going through.

    You can not know what there think or what there intentions are. hat does not mean you should ignore them. If you signs of any kind, whether it be Abuse, depression or drugs, you need to make an effort to get them help.

    Wake up and realize that no one is to good be involved in drugs. No one is to happy to ever get depressed. And no is to loved to ever consider suicide. Do not be a contributing factor in the death of anther human being. Save a life.

    Do not be afraid to get help 1(800)273-8255

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