Lakewood Life

Lakewood Life

David Adkins

Recent weather in the city of Lakewood Ohio, for the most part, has been pretty great and enjoyable. The weather has been pretty warm and with lots of rain for all of the beautiful spring plants to soak up in their roots. It’s very nice to see all of these tree’s and plants starting to open up and show their pretty flowers. It is a great time for Lakewood as a community to come together and start gardens and the rest of the people to start a green life.

Spring is a great time to start fresh gardens to grow flowers, and fruits and vegetables. We should take advantage of this weather to help get this community together as a whole and pick us any garbage on the street we see or to just keep stuff nice in Lakewood and take care of this very beautiful city we have.

At Lakewood High we have groups that grow plants , and help keep the city nice and neat. We should start more groups like this because it’s a great program you could get in, plus it benefits you as a person, and benefits the community by helping and keeping everything clean and green.

Lately , the weather here in Northeast Ohio has been confusing and painful to the city of Lakewood. Last night on Thursday April 6, 2017 we has a huge snow storm over night into the early next morning. The temperature was i the low 30’s and which caused that huge snowstorm. This shocked us all, and was confusing to see snow after all this beautiful weather we have been having.