Maya Ariza

Maya Ariza

Maya Costanzo

This week’s person of the week is Maya Aria. Maya is very active in and out of the school. This is only Maya’s second year at Lakewood, as she transferred from Magnificat High School during the beginning of her junior year.

Maya has played soccer her whole life, and she continued that in high school and she was a regular varsity starter and a key aspect for the Lakewood Rangers Varsity Soccer Team.  She has scored several goals throughout her time at Lakewood, showing the team her hard work and dedication.

Maya also takes multiple AP college courses at Lakewood High School as she is continuing her academic career at the University of Akron and is entering their honor’s program.

Now Maya answered some questions about what it is like here at Lakewood and what she plans for the future.

What is the difference between Mags and Lakewood?

The difference is at Lakewood people are a lot more accepting and inviting. Also, Lakewood is just a more comfortable environment

What do you plan to do at Akron next year?

I plan on going to Akron to major in biomedical engineering.

What is your favorite memory from high school?

My favorite memory from high school is beating Rocky River last year in soccer

Why did you chose to go to Akron?

I chose Akron because its close to home but also not too close. Also, it has an amazing engineering program and that’s what im going to major in.

What will you not miss from high school next year?

I will not miss waking up at 8 every morning and being stuck going to classes until 3 everyday. I will not miss having such a strict schedule.

What are you looking forward to most next year?

I am looking forward to making new friends, the freedom, and just the college environment itself.