Off Duty Police Officer Shoots Intruder

Off Duty Police Officer Shoots Intruder

Elan Dimacchia

Annually, Lakewood has about 1,340 robberies/burglaries. Making our city 24% safer than all of the cities in the United States. Broadview Heights, Brecksville and Olmsted Falls are the top 3 safest cities in Ohio. The top 20 cities are all close by to Cleveland. Making it somewhat uncommon to hear about situations like this one.

Yesterday, April 11, there was a burglary at a home in Lakewood. The house was located on Grace Ave. on the east side of town, south of Detroit Ave. Although some people would think Grace is a nice, safe street, that area of town is ranked one of the most unsafe places in Lakewood (according to

The attempted burglary was taken place right before 7am. According to the biggest percentage of burglaries take place between 10am-3pm, but a lot of burglaries still take place during 6am-6pm. People who break in are most likely to spring when you are not home, making this statistic true.

The house that was broken into in Lakewood was actually owned by an off duty police officer, employed by the Cleveland Metroparks Ranger Department. He had a gun inside his home, and once he heard someone downstairs, he went for it. It is still unclear if the officer shot the intruder inside his house or outside of his house. The officer was not hurt. And after the intruder was shot, he ran.

The police found a suspect who met the officers description “Black male, 6 ft, black hat, jeans and a black t-shirt.” with a gunshot wound on Clarence, only a few streets away. He was then transported to MetroHealth Medical Center.