Missing 5-year-old girl returned home

Missing 5-year-old girl returned home

Kelsey Saxton

Good news! An update from the Cleveland Police say that the 5-year-old girl, Rihanna L. Todd has been returned home safe and sound.

Police say that Rihanna was reported missing Sunday afternoon, Rihanna’s mother, Leana Todd, claims she was last seen with her babysitter, Barbara Whitlow, who was one of Leana’s childhood friends, and that she doesn’t see what would be Barbara’s motive to steal her child. Rihanna was last seen wearing a white shirt, purple Tinkerbell tutu, jean shorts and pink and white shoes and she was riding her bike in front of her home, at 3372 East 142nd Street.

Leana said she had returned home after work to a dark, empty house around 8:30pm and both Rihanna and her babysitter were nowhere to be seen.

Police refused to issue an Amber Alert because they said the circumstances did not meet the requirements.

Rihanna was returned to her home and mother around 7:45AM on Monday, May 1st. Barbara Whitlow was then taken into custody on a warrant for failing to appear in court for a 2015 drunken driving arrest. However, no files have been made against her in accordance with this case.

After investigating the scene and case and researching further into Barbara’s file, they found that the babysitter is ” known to drink alcohol and pass out”. The police found an empty alcohol bottle and Rihanna’s bike was found in the basement. The police learned after researching further on Barbara that she has 3 children and had to attend court due to neglecting at least one of them.

Police are still presenting updates on this case.