Girl’s Rugby Next Game To Decide Seeding For States.


Jordan Brenot

On Sunday, May 7th, the Lakewood Girl’s Rugby Team will take on The Brunswick Valkyries  at Impett Park at 1:00 in the afternoon.

This upcoming game for the girls is really big because it determines where the team will fall in States and whether they play in the semifinals again. The Lakewood team currently has a record of 2 wins to 2 losses. The Brunswick team has a record of 1 win to 3 losses.

Last week, the Lakewood girls suffered a heart wrenching loss to their rival team, The Saint Joseph Jaguars. The score was an awful 81-0. However, both Brunswick’s A and B sides lost to Saint Joes also.

Saint Joes is currently first in states with Lakewood right behind them. Hudson is third. Last season, The Lakewood girls had some obstacles to go through which resulted in them not having their beloved coaches for half of the season.

Determined to make their coaches proud and carry out the season, the Lakewood girls coached themselves with some help of a few college and former players.  Lakewood, who was beat by Hudson in the regular season, managed to beat Hudson during the state semi-finals in June of 2016.

It all came down to this last game. The Lakewood Girls would take on the Saint Joseph Jaguars to determine the best team in the state. Sadly, the Lakewood girls took a defeat.

This Sunday will still go on even if the weather is bad. They are rugby players after all. The game will consist of two 35 minute halves with a ten minute halftime in between.

Good luck to our Lakewood ruggers. Be ready to get muddy!