Tensions with Airlines Continue

Tensions with Airlines Continue

Anna Kotansky

Tensions on airlines began when United Airlines security team dragged a doctor out of his seat to make room for other passengers. The video of the aggressive action went viral, causing all eyes on airline companies and their customer service. United Airlines has been receiving negative reviews since then.

Since this incident, Delta airlines was reported forcing a family with small children off of the plane to, like the first incident, make room for other passengers. In another video, the father of the children is seen arguing with the employees, standing up for his family and ensuring the company that since they were paying customers, they would not give up their seats.

The recurring problems seems to be the continues over booking of flights. Although mistakes happen, the airline company must take responsibility for the miscalculation and pay the customers pay accordingly, not forcibly. Since the two incidents with United Airlines and Delta, other airline companies are assuring customers that if their seats were to be given up due to an overbooked flight, they will receive their money back plus bonuses from the company.

With an agreement like that problems should resolve, right? Not quite. Fights have broken out on flights, passengers are entering the aircraft on edge and nervous, airline employees become frustrated, even a prize-winning rabbit was killed on a plane. Why do these incidents keep recurring on planes? Could it be the small spaces? The frightening idea of being in the air? And why aren’t airline companies fixing these problems?