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    Getting over TI-84 Calculator?


    State-wide tests are integrating the calculator into their own tests. They don’t think we should be buying old expensive calculators anymore. They want to help the kids who don’t have the money for the overpriced calculators that have the legitimate excuse for not having one. Considering only some schools actually provide for the students, others do not.

    TI calculators continue to be trusted on 60 important exams around the world including the SAT, ACT, AP and IB exams. Using a copy of a calculator and integrated into the computer does more than save money, it also allows more knowledge in how testing is proceeded. The calculator can be made available to a student on one specific question if needed help, but then removed for the next one as to help the student.

    That’s not a realistic option with a traditional graphing calculator that rests on a student’s desk the entire time. The price of the calculator also has not changed at all from the 2004 release. As newer versions came out the still remained the price at $120 or under.

    A Kindle is compared to the calculator and they are the same exact price. It has 4 GB of memory, which destroys away the storage capabilities of the TI-84, it has none its a calculator. The Kindle also connects to WiFi, while the Texas Instruments graphing calculator doesn’t. The Kindle includes a rechargeable battery, whereas the TI-84 Plus requires four AAAs.

    The TI-84 has plenty of alternatives and people should not be wasting 100 dollars on a calculator when they can use the computer generated calculators or cell phones or even tablets for the same price.

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