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    Dear Juniors,


    About time, yes high school is “the greatest time of your life,” college is turning a new leaf, meeting new people, and the independence. It’s weird remembering freshman year, as if it was last year, and now you’re almost an adult. People tell you that high school goes by fast, but you never know what they really mean until you’re here. Now you can say so myself, it’s fast! It’s finally time to move on to greater things, with higher expectations of yourselves. Now being able to pick where you’d like to go to school or get a job, makes you feel like you are already an adult. Hardly close to one although. Personally I’m still terrified to be a freshman again. Sometimes I catch myself thinking why all this work just to get to college. Then I remember how much more I’ve learned, besides college based curriculum  

    I don’t know whether to consider what I’m feeling is nostalgic, excited, or a mixture of both, causing great anxiety. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I think I’m going to wake up one day going to intro to physics, first period, freshman year. I lost friends, made friends, and just got out of touch with some people. I learned lessons from teachers and people, gained experiences that you wouldn’t get anywhere else. I gained skills that will carry out through my whole life! I watched people grow, change, and get hurt. I felt feelings that I don’t think I could ever feel again. Remembering the heartbreak of friends moving away, after 8th grade year, realizing that you’ll never be as close to them as you were, ever again. I had fun doing the things that I don’t think I’ll ever get to do again. I’ll never have theses late nights running around TPing our oblivious friend’s houses, being on the beach for a bonfire, with no sense of responsibility. What I’m asking you to do is live it up, and get ready for a great year.

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