Did the Browns win the NFL Draft?

Did the Browns win the NFL Draft?

Matt Hammad

Every year in the NFL draft the people claim a winner of the draft that is unofficial and really pretty biased from the fans. This year many NFL fans from around the country claimed that the Cleveland Browns were the winner of the draft with their pretty interesting picks. With the first overall pick in the draft Cleveland didn’t shock anyone by drafting Texas A&M defensive end Myles Garrett. It was known by everyone that this talented player was the best prospect in the draft and the Browns were likely to jump on the opportunity.

After this pick the Cleveland Browns were not done making big moves yet. With the twenty fifth pick in the NFL draft the Cleveland Browns select Jabrill Peppers, safety from Michigan. This versatile player can play multiple positions and all well. Peppers can play safety, wide receiver, cornerback, and linebacker. So with this much potential, the Cleveland Browns couldn’t pass up on him.

With the 29th pick of the NFL Draft the Cleveland Browns made another move that had people wondering of the Browns would actually be decent this upcoming year. They drafted Miami University, tight end, David Njoku. At 6’4 and 246 pounds he has huge potential and was one of the top ranked tight ends in the entire draft.

The first round came to an end but the Browns were not done making big moves yet. With the 52 pick in the NFL draft the Browns selected a quarterback that many people were very surprised and thrilled with. DeShone Kizer from Notre Dame. Announcers and Browns fans were happy with this move because they didn’t jump straight off the bat and pick one up, they let one fall in their lap. With all these big moves in the opening rounds of the Draft, it’s pretty safe to say that this year the Cleveland Browns can finally say, they’ve won the NFL draft.