Lakewood Project Spring Concert

Lakewood Project Spring Concert

Lizzie Shuga

The Lakewood Project is a time-honored Lakewood High School musical group. The company is well-known all throughout Lakewood and beyond. It is run by Grammy award winner Beth Hankins. They are a renowned rock orchestra and perform in three concerts per year: the Winter, Spring, and Summer concerts.

The group recently showcased their talents in the Spring concert this past weekend. On May 20, the Lakewood Project members got up on stage to perform. They played songs such as “Hotel California,” “Carry On,” “Mr. Blue Sky,” and the classic end-of-concert piece “Hoedown.” The clothing theme was a fun black and floral duo, adding to the exciting vibe of the show and the jovial energy given off by the rock orchestra members.

A tradition of the Spring concert is to honor small ensembles and groups within the orchestra. There were a few memorable clans on Saturday. This includes one of Zach Dudzik and Theo Romeo performing “Isn’t She Lovely?” There was also a fantastic exhibition by Grace Cooper, Lauren Klann, Theo Romeo, and Zach Dudzik playing “Phantom of the Opera.” These talented musicians poured hours of extra work into these small ensembles and their efforts resulted in a smashing success. Congratulations to all of the students who performed in the show. Great job!

The Lakewood Project is already prepping for their next concert in the summer. On July 4th, gather around the bandstand in Lakewood park to hear the talented rock orchestra play tunes from throughout musical history. They will be performing up until the fireworks show, so there is plenty of time to relax and enjoy the music.