“The Man with the Watermelon Hat” by Anonymous

Anonymous student

Whenever the man with the watermelon hat heard people cry for help, he knew what he had to do. He would find the same piece of rotting, stinking fruit that he puts on everyday, and squishes it onto his head. Then he finds the glasses he made out of two empty duct tape rolls and he puts those on his head. He is now ready to save the innocent people of Glenburn.


Watermelon hat man flew into downtown, He used the instinct that the watermelon hat gave him to locate crime. As he flew close, a thief who was stealing an old lady’s wallet smelt the rotting, pungent smell of our heroes rotting watermelon hat. Once you smell the stench of Watermelon hat man’s hat, it’s already too late. Within seconds the criminal was ripped off his feet, flying hundred miles an hour into the air. The poor old lady’s purse falls out of the air and lands into her lap, she looks up and sees the man with the watermelon hat flying away.


Once the man with the watermelon hat was flying above the county jail, he let go of the criminal. The thief smashed through three floors of the prison and landed in the holding cell. “Another day, another animal off the streets” he said to himself as he flew back to the watermelon patch.