The Most Popular Halloween Costumes of 2017

The Most Popular Halloween Costumes of 2017

Jared Dubber

As the spooky season leaves us (and the Christmas season seeming to start a little too soon), many have fond memories of the holiday that ends it all, Halloween. And what would Halloween be with the awesome costumes? These are the most popular costumes that haunted the streets of Halloween, 2017.

There has been a lot of talk about Stranger Things Season 2, coming out the week of Halloween. This inspired a lot of passionate fans of the Netflix hit show to dress up as many characters from the show, from the main character kids to the Demogorgon. From the little screen to the big screen, many go to movies for inspiration, and with hit new version of Steve Kings It, there was plenty of Pennywise’s roaming the street, with a slew of kids from the loser club, all dress up in their updated 80’s fashion. But scary movies aren’t the only franchises inspiring costumes. With the recent boom in superhero movies through Marvel’s and DC’s cinematic universes, there was plenty of superhero’s roaming the streets, with Wonder woman and Spiderman being the most popular, with their movies just coming out this year.

While we have our favorites that return each year, from witches, to vampires, to zombies, many wanted their costume to be up to date with society, and with the political climate changing temperature this year with President Trump, many turned his iconic look of spray tan and blonde comb over into their costumes. While the electing brought us the first look at Trump and Hilary costumes, this year had a focus on the president himself.

So whether you went as a terrifying clown, a superhero, or the president himself, I hope your Halloween was a good one.