Age Restictions

Age Restictions

Erin mullen

All over the world there are different age restrictions for every country. In America there are some that are controversial. I think the most affected by age restrictions are teens that are transitioning into “adults”.

What makes someone an adult? When you turn the age of 18 you’re classified as an adult but you don’t have the same freedoms that your parents have. It is against the law to drink alcohol and rent a car. Renting a car isn’t legal until you’re 25. What determines the age you need to be to do things legally? You have to be 16 to drive, 17 to see a rated R movie, 18 to vote. You also have to be 18 to become apart of the military and even play in the lottery.

Even in Lakewood there are age restrictions. Certain ages have different curfews. Who is the person making up a time that a 17 year-old can be outside?

I think some of the age restrictions are unreasonable and have no reason to be apart of the laws. For example you have to be 17 to see a rated R movie. I understand why there is an age restriction on rated R movies for children but why by the age of 17 are we finally allowed to see one alone? 17 is just a weird age.

I asked my aunt about this age restriction earlier this year and she tried to explain that this restriction is because our brain isn’t developed all of the way and should not be exposed to movies that are rated R. I argued that the brain isn’t fully developed until you’re 25 or so. How is 17 different from 16 or even 15 other than the fact that you’re a little older and maybe more wiser.

Age restrictions don’t make much sense. They need more proof or reasonings of why they are set the way they are. I believe your parents should have more of that control especially whether you’re allowed to see a rated R movie or even make your own personal curfew.