Dam Stupid


Madyson Lewellyn

Welsh truck driver, Arron Hughes, has  been dubbed the “luckiest man in history” for his drunk stunt on September 11th, 2017 which included a swim across the Hoover Dam. The adrenaline junkie finished his swim with an arrest by Nevada police and a $330 fine.

In the last decade, 275 people have died at the 725 foot-high concrete arch-gravity dam–providing water and electricity for Las Vegas. The only reason as to why Hughes survived the swim is because nine of the ten hydroelectric turbines were not in operation of the day of the stunt. After 37 hours of partying in Nevada, Hughes successfully crossed the dam after nearly being plunged into the Colorado river.

“When I got to the Hoover Dam I just thought…you only live once, no regrets,” Hughes told Fox News. For him, he said the experience was the Welsh was the Welsh version of the American movie, The Hangover. Reflecting on the achievement, he states, “It was amazing to swim it. Looking at the dam was unreal, and I have no fear–never had in my life.”

Hughes credits his actions for his fearless in interpretation of life. He also noted that he does not have any social media presence in the digital age because instead of broadcasting his wild life, he would rather “live a life thrilling and exciting for himself.”

Hughes stunt, fueled by alcohol, was executed in a matter of 30 minutes. Since the swim, Hughes has done dozens of interviews with media outlets across the world that label him “The first man to swim across the Hoover Dam.”

But it’s a dam miracle he’s alive.